Psilo’s Buddha’s Vision

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We’re pretty sure we found the key to achieving nirvana, and it all starts with this Buddha’s Vision Loose Leaf fresh and delicate mix of white and green tea. What makes it so heavenly? We sprinkled in some jasmine pearls for their sweet floral perfume. Then we added the fruity aroma of white hibiscus blossoms.

White tea, Green tea, Jasmine pearls, Artificial peach flavoring, White hibiscus blossoms and 2 grams of Transkei Cubensis shrooms

What makes it great

  • You can’t get tea more zen than this!
  • It’s our twist on a classic jasmine tea, with a hint of peach and beautiful jasmine pearls.
  • This Buddha’s Vision Loose Leaf tea is easy to oversleep… make sure you keep the steep time short. Done right, it’s pure heaven.
Psilo’s Buddha’s Vision
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