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5 great ways to eat magic mushrooms

Direct chewing and swallowing

This refers to the straight-up chewing and swallowing of the magic mushroom. When chewed correctly, it releases mushroom juices that are very helpful in the body. In this way, the psilocybin compounds produce a mix with saliva and reach the blood cells. Rough or thorough chewing can be done and swallowing follows. Food should be avoided a few hours before chewing the magic mushroom. 

Intensifying trip- lemon tek

This magic mushroom dosing is easy and quick to prepare. When served as juice and the nauseating taste of mushroom removed from the delicacy. It contains some levels of acidity that have numerous health benefits.

Psilocybin edibles 

It added to the ready food and helps culinary skills. You may take it as tripping in addition to the food that already prepared but not added to the cooking process. You should avoid putting the mushroom during the cooking stage because psilocybin components destroyed by excess heat. 

Magic tea

This magic mushroom is also for tea. The additive is very delicious and helps the mushroom specific taste to disappear. The desired amount crushed and added to boiling water and allowed to simmer between 10-15 minutes. After it is ready, i taken while hot or allowed to cool depending on the taste and preference of the user. 

Magic mushroom capsules

Mushrooms are not very tasty and making the capsules helps to cover the immediate taste of mushrooms. There is no specific dosage for the user so long as they don’t take more than 0.5g of mushroom capsules in a day. The mushroom capsules have many benefits including positivity boosting, effective provision of focus and increasing of energy levels. 

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